Moving Checklist

Here's a useful tip sheet to help make sure you don't overlook something important as you prepare to move-in.  Let us know if we can help with any other information.

Prior To Moving Day:

Connect utilities. We currently arrange for (and you pay): Water, sewer service, trash, and recycling removal.

To ensure all utilities are connected on your move-in day, you must make connection arrangements in advance (deposits required). You can connect utility by phoning:

Progress Energy

AT&T U-verse


Fill out an Address Change notification kit. Kits are available at the post office or online at: Be sure to remember to notify magazines, doctors/dentists, schools, credit card/bank companies, and others about your move.

DON’T FORGET - RENTER’S INSURANCE IS REQUIRED! Damage caused by a resident is usually the financial responsibility of that resident, not the property owner. To fulfill lease obligations and to protect liability risks, residents are required to provide evidence of liability or property damage insurance at a minimum limit of $100,000. Residents may choose the insurance company and policy limits that are most appropriate for each situation, providing the minimum limit is satisfied. Please inform the insurance provider to have Biltmore Park Town Square listed on the policy as an “additional insured” or “interested party”.

Finalize your lease. Many find moving day less hectic if all lease/paperwork is completed prior to their move-in date. This also allows more time to review and ask questions about the material. Just call our office and arrange to have your lease prepared, and we'll have it ready for your electronic signature.

Set your move-in date. Once you have your move-in date, contact our office at 828.684.7181.  You’ll also want to arrange for a moving company or reserve a moving truck (allow 2 to 4 weeks notice in the summer).

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